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History of the association

History Of The Association

The Nuclear Society of Iran was registered in 1975 AD by a group of nuclear scientists of the country.

Since that year, those interested in this field have carried out activities for the growth of education and research in universities and scientific centers of the country and with the growth of graduate education courses in universities and the need to provide a suitable environment for the gathering of experts from all related fields, in March 1998, the " Coordinator Physicists and Nuclear Specialists of the Country" committee was formed in Mashhad, After six years of holding scientific meetings and workshops with this title, after obtaining permission from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and approving the statute, in March 2002, elections were held in Arak University to determine the board of directors, and the activities continued again under the name of "Nuclear Society of Iran" with a new statute. According to the statute, the term of each board of directors is 3 years and before the expiration of the 3-year period, elections will be held by holding a general assembly and with the presence of the continuous members of the association. To learn more about the activities of the association, refer to the statutes of the association.

Formation of specialized committees

Considering the extent of scientific and research activities in different fields, the association has created specialized committees related to each field.The members of the association can cooperate by contacting the committees in holding educational workshops, specialized meetings, etc.

The age of the association 45years

Education Courses

Every year, the association organizes various general and specialized courses to improve the scientific level of nuclear knowledge in the country for those interested.

  • Reactor specialized courses
  • Specialized courses on the application of radiation
  • Specialized nuclear medicine courses
  • Nuclear safety specialized courses

Professional professors

Various technical and engineering groups related to nuclear science and technology are members of this association

  • nuclear physics
  • nuclear engineering
  • Mechanics
  • civil engineering and nuclear power
  • Agriculture and nuclear medicine

Conferences and seminars

Every year, the association organizes an international nuclear conference and specialized seminars and webinars on various topics for those interested.

  • The first nuclear conference
  • The most specialized conference in the country
  • The highest level of standard
  • The most prestigious conference in the country